Ubisoft Brings Halloween to ANNO Online

on October 23, 2013 12:53 AM

With All Hallow’s Eve and the day of Sam Hain right around the corner, Ubisoft will be holding an in-game event for their free-to-play browser-based strategy game, ANNO Online-–where players can build and maintain the ultimate medieval empire. All players will gain access to content such as resources, exclusive Halloween-themed items, missions as well as a new island.

A list of the event content are as follows:

  • Main Island – The Cursed ship: a cursed phantom ship will come to berth on the player’s island with a captain who demands assistance lifting the curse on his vessel. Users will have to bring the captain loot to satisfy his requests in return for some seemingly unusable Black Beans.
  • Pumpkins and Lanterns: build Pumpkin Farms. Pumpkins can be turned into Halloween Lanterns, which can be used by players to explore sectors on Lantern Island, as well as the fabled gates to the Underworld that are scattered around it.
  • The Lantern Island: Explore and investigate this new area, equipped with Halloween Lanterns you’ll need to find hidden gates that lead to the underworld and complete exclusive quests for rewards.
  • Exclusive Halloween Items: New Buildings and buffs when questing will include: a haunted mill that produces flour at 30% more efficiency, a haunted paper mill that produces twice as much as a normal paper mill, a haunted tree that will produce buffs. Pumpkin Soup is a buff that will quadruple production speed for a short amount of time and Beef Stew is a that quadruples production speed for a long amount of time.

ANNO Online is playable now at the official website.

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