Ubisoft Delays Far Cry: The Wild Expedition Bundle, Far Cry Classic Launches Today

February 12, 2014

The upcoming European only Far Cry: The Wild Expedition bundle has been moved back to a February 21 release, Ubisoft announced today.

The bundle, which was to include all of the Far Cry games including an updated version of Far Cry 1 titled Far Cry Classic, was originally set to release on Feburary 14 for £24.99.

Instead, Far Cry Classic released today as a stand alone downloadable title on Xbox 360 for £7.99.. It will be up on the PlayStation Network tomorrow.

To celebrate 10 years of Far Cry, Ubisoft have given the game a HD makeover, touting improved foliage and day and night cycles for the game.


Oddly however, this bundle is only available to European buyers. American fans will be able to buy the Far Cry Compilation for PlayStation 3 from February 11, which will include Far Cry 23 and Blood Dragon for $39.99. It will not however, include Far Cry Classic.

American buyers will still be able to get Far Cry Classic as a standalone deal.

Ubisoft haven’t made a statement as to why the European bundle was pushed back or why the American and European bundles differ.


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