Ubisoft Details Crafting in Assassin's Creed Syndicate

September 29, 2015

Players will be able to create a variety of gear and upgrades to customize their character in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Ubisoft has detailed the system in a new blog update. In order to craft you’ll need to locate schematics, which can be acquired as quest rewards and found, among other ways. You will also of course need the materials or resources to craft the items and these too will need to be uncovered in the game. Some items can only be made from special resources that can be acquired by completing certain quests and levelling up specific skills.

Unique skills for the game’s main playable characters are also detailed:

Jacob’s Unique Skills:

Gunslinger II – Jacob and Evie are both skilled with their guns, but with the Gunslinger II skill, all of Jacob’s Countershots are automatic headshots.

Defense III – Both Jacob and Evie are good at defending themselves (both can unlock Defense I, which decreases damage taken from melee hits, and Defense II, which decreases damage taken from ranged hits) but when you unlock the Defense III skill, Jacob will take much less damage overall.

Mutilate II – An upgrade on the Mutilate skill (which both twins have access to), Mutilate II helps Jacob bring his enemies into a near death state much more quickly. This is especially helpful when setting up brutal multi-kills.

Evie’s Unique Skills:

Chameleon – Evie is a master of blending in with her environment. While in Sneak Mode, she will be nearly undetectable when she stands completely still. Only enemies very close to her will be able to spot her.

Knife Master II – Both twins can unlock the Knife Master I skill, but only Evie can take it to the next level. She will be able to carry twice as many throwing knives, and they will inflict quite a bit more damage.

Stealth III – The final level of Stealth (both twins can access Stealth I and II), Stealth III increases Evie’s Stealth stat by an additional 11. She is far less likely to be detected and everything she does – including assassinations – make very little noise.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate launches in October.

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