Ubisoft Details The Division’s Year-One Post-Launch Free and Paid Content

Ubisoft Details The Division’s Year-One Post-Launch Free and Paid Content

Ubisoft’s The Division has already briefly mentioned what post-launch content would look like in late January, however the newest post on the UbiBlog provides some new details as well as a trailer wrap everything together.

As mentioned previously, there will be three paid expansions as well as two free extensions hitting The Division. The first free expansion — available to anyone who has purchased the game — will arrive in April. Dubbed the “Incursions” update, a new endgame activity will be added allowing squads to take on higher-level enemies for higher-end loot. Additionally, a new featured to be added with this update is loot-trading among co-op team members — something (arguably) sorely missing from games like Destiny.

The more nebulous second free update (titled “The Conflict”) will arrive in May, “adding new Dark Zone features and an incursion into New York’s Columbus Circle.”

Meanwhile, if you purchase the Season Pass, Gold Edition, or Collector’s Edition, you can look forward to the three paid expansions. The first of the paid expansions, “The Underground,” will make its way to The Division in June letting players explore the subway system in hunt of enemies. Following Underground will be “Survival” in late Summer, tasking players to survive as long as possible in extremely hostile environments. Finally, the third update — “Last Stand” — will be coming in the Winter, offering “a new, relentless threat.”

The Division launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2016. Check out the DLC trailer below: