Ubisoft: EndWar Online is Not a Replacement for EndWar 2

EndWar is not the first Tom Clancy sub-series that comes to mind when you think of potential sequels to titles in Ubisoft’s vast library. Nevertheless, the publisher has a follow-up on the way in the form of EndWar Online. With the announcement of this game, many fans of the series questioned whether or not it was being produced in lieu of a console-based EndWar 2, or merely in its absence. According to Ubisoft, the former is not the case.

“The most important point to keep in mind is that EndWar Online is not “instead of” EndWar 2. We never found ourselves asking the question Should we make EndWar 2 or EndWar Online? It doesn’t work like that,” Community Developer Anna Ficek-Madej explained on the UbiBlog, “Our team was very much focused on making a high quality browser-based game for the core gaming community, and we wanted to bring the EndWar universe to as many gamers as possible. The two desires seemed like a perfect fit, so we pitched the idea and went about creating EndWar Online.”

EndWar Online is being developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and will be published by Ubisoft for the PC and Mac.

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