Ubisoft Has “Large Ambitions” for New Watch_Dogs; Estimates 55 Million PS4 and Xbox One Combined

Ubisoft Has “Large Ambitions” for New Watch_Dogs; Estimates 55 Million PS4 and Xbox One Combined

During Ubisoft’s quarterly conference call, Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot and Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez gave some interesting information on the publisher’s outlook for its future games and the market in genera.

According to Martinez, since Watch_Dogs was the company’s biggest ever new IP, almost setting an overall record for sales in a year, the company has “large ambitions” for the second game of the franchise. Ubisoft also believes that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: WildLands is part of a “very, very strong IP.”

South Park: The Stick of Truth was a “very nice surprise,” and the publisher feels that South Park the Fractured but Whole can beat its performance. On the other hand For Honor is more of a core game, and is consider having less of a mass market appeal.

Unfortunately, they declined to give any information about their fifth upcoming game, which is part of a completely new IP.

According to Yves Guillemot, three or even four of those five games will release by the end of this year, but the company isn’t completely sure yet  on whether it’s three or four.

Interestingly, Guillemot explained that for the future he predicts a “lighter” amount of releases, positioned so that they exploit the potential of each season. Unfortunately, since nowadays everyone delays so many games, it’s “very difficult” to position the launch of a game while predicting where the competition will be.

Guillemot also talked about virtual reality, mentioning that Ubisoft has a certain number of teams creating engines and tools that will allow them to perform very well in that environment. The publisher predicts that the initial launch will see relatively low sales of headsets, but they expect the market to “speed up very quickly next year.”

Last, but not least, Martinez explained that the installed base of the Xbox One and PS4 combined is roughly 55 million according to Ubisoft’s estimates, and the publisher expect a further “very strong growth” this year in terms of sales. This matches Electronic Arts’ own estimate, shared a few days ago.