Ubisoft Indie Series Names Studios Thunder Lotus and Norsfell Grand Prize Winners of $50,000

Ubisoft Indie Series names two winners for the $50,000 grand prize, Thunder Lotus and Norsfell.

on January 27, 2017 1:24 PM

The Ubisoft Indie Series is a competition held in partnership with Ubisoft and National Bank. The competition encourages Canadian based indie game developers to get together and show their projects.

The grand prize for the event grants the studio a check for $50,000 to fund their game. However, the gathering also offers a chance for mentoring, as well as marketing and financial tools to assist the teams.

Some other benefits to the competitions are:

  • Internal and external communications activities to promote the collaboration between Ubisoft and the studio, locally and internationally
  • Distribution on Uplay PC store
  • An immersive entrepreneurial training experience
  • 24h EEB offered in partnership with Banque Nationale
  • A pass for the BN Camp in April 2017, offered by National Bank

Two winners were named this year:

  • Thunder Lotus (Sundered)
  • Norsfell (Regna Cycle)

Both studios were presented with a check for $50,000 in funding for their individual projects. For indie studios, this amount of money is sure to go a long way with a games development.

Currently, Thunder Lotus is hosting a KickStarter for their upcoming adventure game Sundered. The campaign has far surpassed the developers asking goal. Furthermore, the campaign was created in order to get fans involved with the development of the game.

Additionally, Norsfell is working on Regna Cycle which is a mobile strategy builder where players have to escape destruction in 14 days.

You can check out some images from the event below:

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