Ubisoft Launches Assassin’s Creed Council; Dedicated to the Fans

Ubisoft launched something called Assassin’s Creed Council, This website allows you to get exclusive “‘behind the scenes” footage of the game, share your posts with the community, and get live information from the producers.

It can be seen as a nice mix between a development and a community blog, which will allow both the team and fans of the series to get insightful news and share their passion.

“The Council is the number one destination for fans of the Assassin’s Creed universe, and provides direct access to the people creating the game for an exclusive “behind the scenes” take on the series. Members will always be kept up to date via direct live information from the Producers, ensuring they are the first to have all the latest information.

“Members will also be able to decide the look and fate of the Council by posting their own content, up/down voting other contributor’s content, as well as electing members to form an exclusive ‘Council Chamber’, who will win a trip to the studio, meet the development team, and participate in special events.”

They will also choose a certain group of people each year, who have the highest “Council” level, to go to special events, meet the team and maybe more. You earn those badges and points for contributing to the community, posting and sharing posts.

“Epic badges and levels will reward the most active members. But there is more. Among the ones who reached the highest Council level, 30 contributors will be chosen every year by Assassin’s Creed Studios to join the “Council Chamber” for several month. Within this time frame, the chosen ones will have a chanceto visit the studios, to participate to special events, to meet the productions team and much more.”

This is a cool way to have all the Assassin’s Creed fans gathered in one place.

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