Ubisoft Has “No Regrets” About Banning Toxic Players in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Has “No Regrets” About Banning Toxic Players in Rainbow Six Siege

Earlier this year, Ubisoft began cracking down on toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege, following the game’s upwards growth in popularity over the years since its launch. In an interview with PC GamerRainbow Six Siege’s brand director Alexandre Remy spoke a bit more in detail about the new system.

Remy did mention that PVP titles tend to be adversarial, which oftentimes invites toxic behavior in a multitude of games. I’m sure you could talk to any gamer, and they’d be able to recall a slew of titles where they’ve experienced the sort of behavior Ubisoft is trying to eliminate. Remy said:

“we have no regrets whatsoever when it comes to banning toxic players”

There was some backlash from gamers arguing that this new system impacts the idea of freedom of speech. Because Ubisoft is a private company though, they’re allowed to make these types of decisions with their products. It’s worth mentioning that players being banned are mostly affected on PC, as console owners must only abide by the rules put in place by Microsoft and Sony.

“To us, it’s not a question of freedom or equality, it’s a question of respect. Behaving in a respectful way, I believe, is not a requirement that’s beyond humanity. Respect is all we are asking for. I believe that with those measures that we’re putting in place, we are exactly on the right path of making a community, as much as possible, that’s respectful of one another.”

Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game has seen continuous growth over the years since its initial launch with new improvements, DLC, and free weekend events. If you’d like to give Siege a try, you can buy the game on Amazon right now.

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