Ubisoft Has Three Unannounced AAA Games Set to Arrive Before End of Current Fiscal Year

All three Ubisoft games will be arriving between January and March of 2020.

During Ubisoft’s financial briefing going over this past fiscal year’s numbers, the publisher also laid out its projections for the upcoming fiscal year. In the process, further information on upcoming games that are set to be released in the coming year were unveiled.

Alongside the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which is set to arrive later this year on October 4, Ubisoft stated that it has three other AAA titles that are slated to launch in this fiscal year. Ubisoft went one step further and also clarified that all three of these games will launch in the company’s fourth quarter of the fiscal year, which means that they’ll all arrive between the start of January and the end of March. That’s one stacked window for Ubisoft releases.

As for what these titles could be, there are a few ideas that I have. For starters, Just Dance 2020 will more than likely end up being one of these games for sure. It’s a bit strange that it won’t be launching in fall this year, but the game’s arrival is surely coming.

The other easy guess would be that of Watch Dogs 3. A third entry in the Watch Dogs series has been leaked and rumored multiple times in the past with indications pointing to the franchise moving to London. It has also been nearly three years since the last installment in the series, which means it’s about time for another iteration.

As for the final game mentioned, it could be quite a few different options. Ubisoft has an ever-expansive list of properties that it could launch a new game from. If I were to take a wild guess though, I think this third game could be something for the Switch. Perhaps a sequel to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Again, that’s just a wild guess on my part, but I have a hard time seeing Ubisoft launch anything else to compete with what I think will be Watch Dogs 3 in that window.

Regardless of what these three mystery games are, we’ll likely find out very soon at E3. Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference is set to take place on June 10, so expect to hear more at that time.

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