UDON’s Street Fighter Origins: Akuma Rages Into Stores Today

on September 11, 2013 12:44 PM

Since August 2003, beginning with Street Fighter #0, fans have had the delight of having a place to read comics, graphic novels and art books depicting Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters, among others, thanks to UDON. Now to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary publishing Street Fighter stories, UDON is celebrating with a brand new graphic novel starring one of Capcom’s all-time favorite characters: Street Fighter Origins: Akuma.

Street Fighter Origins: Akuma not only marks the milestone of a decade of publishing Street Fighter stories, but is also UDON’s 150th book published when counting all of the manga, graphic novels and art books they’ve released.

Udon 150th Published

Street Fighter Origins: Akuma follows the world’s most feared martial artist, before he was Master of the Fist and wielder of the Dark Hado. The story, written and drawn by Chris Sarracini and Joe Ng, respectively, is a coming-of-age story which shows how Akuma went from being a frustrated young man to the raging demon we all know and love, and will feature Akuma’s older brother Gouken (the master of Ryu and Ken), Gouken and Akuma’s father, named here as Yoshinori, and the brother’s master, Goutestsu, master of the Shotokan Karate style that has been the basis of numerous characters in the series.

Street Fighter Origins: Akuma is a 128 page, hardcover original graphic novel, which is retailing for #34.95 in most comic stores, book stores and online retailers, but is on sale currently on Amazon Prime for $20.97 (while supplies last). To find a comic shop near you, you can use the comic shop locator, or to buy it digitally, you can purchase it from ComiXology.

With UDON’s grace, we have the first 13 pages of the graphic novel available right here on DualShockers, which you can view below in the gallery, along with a few other awesome images. For more from UDON, check out all of our previous DualShockers UDON news and the UDON Entertainment website.

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