UFC 2009 Undisputed Finally Getting a Patch?

July 27, 2009

There has been a rumbling ever since the launch of UFC 2009: Undisputed – that it needed a patch to fix some bugs, especially for online play. Many gamers have already been victims of the lag and the many losers online that pull the plug before the end of a match in order to not take a loss. Although this patch is good news there are still some fundamental questions I have, like:

Will players that are on the winning side of someone pulling the plug be given an automatic win?
When will this long overdue patch be released? (The rumor floating around was that it was going to this past week)
Will the current records and levels be reset with this new patch?

Here are all the official details as posted by UFC Producer Neven Dravinski.

1. We recognize premature match quitting as the biggest online issue and have taken steps to fix it. The Patch will have integrated code that detects who pulls the cable and will assign a Loss as well as a Did Not Finish to that player. The DNF is only counted for the player who executes the disconnection. The DNF rate will be displayed on the fighter selection screen of the Online Ranked Match. When disconnected, the Winning Streak is also reset to 0.
2. We’ve adjusted Ranked Matches to match up players with better connections, which will improve lag issues we’ve seen to date.
3. We’ve adjusted the difficulty of performing submissions against AI opponents to improve the balance of subs vs. striking when playing against the AI.
4. We’ve adjusted the Flash KO rate so that they are less frequent.
5. We’ve increased maximum number of points awarded in online play from 99,999 to 999,999 and we’ve increased the Max Level from 100 to 200.
6. We’ve lowered the Winning Streak Bonus Max from 5 to 3.
7. We’ve removed the decimal places on the Leaderboard Winning Percentage so we only show whole percentages.
8. We’ve addressed the CAF cheat so the skill levels in CAF cannot be cheated and increased. Also any CAF with unfair point values will no longer be able to be used Online.
9. For PS3 users we’ve also fixed a bug that causes a freeze during auto-save; whichever controller was used to Press Start on the Title Screen will be identified as the main controller.

One thing that continues to boggle my mind is how the developers of this title neglected something as basic as disconnects during online matches. Yes, I am happy that they are patching it. But, what took them so damn long!? This problem existed since launch and they are talking about a patch now, with no concrete street date. What has happened to quality control of products in this generation of video games? Why must gamers find exploits and then wait for developers to react to the screams and cries of fans on a forum?

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Even though this is a much anticipated patch for a great game it is still a bit unclear what the exact future of the title will be.

[Via UFC Undisputed Forums]

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