UFC 4 Revealed, Features Backyard Brawls, Overhauled Career Mode, and More

UFC 4 drops on August 14 for PS4 and Xbox One. Players can expect new arenas, special "guest" fighters, and some much-needed updates for gameplay and modes.

We’ve known UFC 4 was coming for a little while now. The UFC announced the reveal would come today when they put out the fight card for UFC 251. And now, the trailer is out, showing off a number of new additions coming to the game. Not only will players engage in bone-crunching combat, but they’ll do so in brand new locales against some intriguing competition.  Give the trailer a watch below, if you haven’t yet.

As you can see, fights in UFC 4 won’t just happen inside the Octagon. EA Sports is taking the fight game to the backyard with one of its new arenas. Plus, you’ll now square off against boxing champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, in addition to martial arts legends like Bruce Lee. I’m also pretty sure I saw Kimbo Slice in that trailer, which is great given the new backyard arena. Of course, just adding new combatants and arenas isn’t enough to satisfy fans of the series. Fortunately, the team has a few things in mind.

At least for me, the most important overhaul is coming to career mode. I’m a long-time fan of the Fight Night series and haven’t really clicked with EA’s UFC offerings in the same way. The team is promising better fighter backstories and a more “in-depth evolution process”, both of which sound like they could greatly improve the mode. Hopefully, the team’s focus on “relationship building” leads to a career mode that meets fans’ wants.

Outside of career mode, EA is adding some new bells and whistles to online play. You’ll be able to challenge the world in either Blitz Battles or the Online World Championships and stake your claim as the best virtual fighter on Earth.

Of course, all of this is for not if the game isn’t fun to play. UFC 3‘s stand-up game was mostly on-point last year, though the grappling and submission lagged behind. To that end, EA Sports has overhauled takedown and ground mechanics, while also giving us more “fluid clinch-to-strike combinations.” Until we actually have hands-on with the game, it’s hard to tell how well it will play. That said, they seem to be focused on the right areas.

EA Sports UFC 4 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on August 14. Presumably, it will come to next-gen consoles once they launch.

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