UFC Undisputed 2010 Trailer

By Al Zamora

December 15, 2009

During Spike TV’s Video Game Awards we got a look at the teaser trailer for the recently officially announced UFC Undisputed 2010 which is set for release on May 25, 2010. As I watched this I couldn’t help but be reminded of Michael Jackson’s video Black or White with all the morphing fighter’s facers. As I watched I was curious to see if anything would look glaringly different and a couple of things stuck out:

1) They added Kimbo Slice, seeing as he was the fighter that announced the clip at the awards this made sense that he would be in the teaser. His stylish bald head is in full glory.
2) They added a new submission, which looks like an anaconda choke from the north/south position for all those BJJ fans out there, me included.
3) It looks like now you can actually shoot on an opponent and bang them into the cage, perhaps this means more techniques involving the cage like wall walking or under-hooks.

Aside from that the brief look into the game just made me want more. I will be dusting off my copy of 2009 to get my skills sharpened as I plan on taking the leader-boards on in UFC Undisputed 2010. I was hoping to see more but then again thats why it is a teaser, keep you wanting to see more, good job THQ and UFC.

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