UFC 2009 Undisputed Patched Finally

UFC 2009 Undisputed Patched Finally

After much waiting and anticipation UFC 2009 Undisputed fans can now get back to playing online. The patch hit today for all Xbox 360 users and PS3 European players. We are waiting for word of when U.S. PS3 owners can expect the patch so they too can enjoy in taking part in the new patch.


I have already jumped online and gotten into a few matches and can tell you that all the high ranked players are now out and playing. Before everyone pretty much stopped playing online because of the dreaded DNF bug. Now you can see who has a lot of DNF’s on their reccord and the game seems to run smoother now as well. I have played with level 60’s and higher when before it was hard to get anyone past level 30 playing.

Here is the official word:

Hey guys Neven here with an update on the Patch release.

The Patch for UFC 2009 Undisputed has been released on the Xbox 360 World Wide and the PS3 for Europe. The Patch is currently in submission with Sony America and we expect to release it very soon. As the Xbox and Sony Europe updates were available sooner than expected we made the decision to get the Patch out to the public rather than sit on them. Stay on the lookout for updates regarding the Patch release for Sony America


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5 responses to “UFC 2009 Undisputed Patched Finally”

  1. aleeh says:

    m sorry but wut is dis patch about bcz i dont think i paid too much attention dat dis game needs a patch can u please tell me thanks

  2. Ian says:

    Know whats awesome, typing responses in English. If you were asking what the patch was (because frankly its sort of hard to tell), it was released to fix a few of the major issues when playing UFC online.

  3. Al Zamora says:

    yeah the patch fixed a major flaw in the online play where players could disconnect when losing and not take a loss. Pre-patch the game was a nightmare online.

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  5. PJ says:

    Seriously, it took them long enough to figure out that morons were exploiting this glitch to simply piss people off. At least now people can play with the peace of knowing they wont be hosed out of an earned win.

    What does it do to people with lousy internet connections who get legitimately disconnected?