Mossmouth's UFO 50 Gets a Steam Page, Signaling We're One Step Closer to a Release Date

Derek Yu of Mossmouth announced today that his long-awaited collaboration UFO 50 has a Steam page, signaling that we're one step closer to launch.

UFO 50 is a game collection from the minds behind games like Spelunky, Downwell, and Catacomb Kids. The package includes 50 games that are meant to remind players of the simpler days of 8-bit gaming. Since it was announced, this has been one of my most-anticipated titles. Which is why I was very happy today when Derek Yu announced on Twitter this morning that the game has a Steam page, taking it one step closer to release.

UFO 50 is a collection of 50 full games in pretty much every genre you can imagine. The game includes puzzle games, roguelites, and even a JRPG. And everything is in that beautiful, 8-bit art style. The devs want it to feel like UFO 50 was created in some alternate universe where all these games came out in the 80s. From an aesthetics and innovation standpoint, I would say they have definitely succeeded.

The new Steam page shows off five of the 50 games. There’s Campanella 2 (a sequel to another game in the collection), which looks like a classic action-adventure game, complete with your very own UFO to fly around in. Quibble Race is a weird horse-betting game, while Pingolf is a multiplayer title that mixes pinball with golf. Rounding out the quintet is Seaside Drive, an arcade racer/shoot ’em up, and the collection’s full-blown JRPG Grimstone. It all looks incredibly cool and I can’t wait to see more of the collection.

UFO 50 doesn’t yet have a firm release date, but it will launch on PC when it’s ready. Hopefully, it’s relatively soon so we have time to play it before Derek Yu’s other game, Spelunky 2, is in the wild.


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