Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku Fan Anime Will Leave you in Awe

Check out this amazing Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku fight animated by French animator Etienne Guignard on Twitter.

By Iyane Agossah

September 25, 2021

Dragon Ball Super in its current arc recently revealed a brand new transformation for Vegeta, the Ultra Ego – needless to say, a lot of fans now want to see him clash with Son Goku in Ultra Instinct, so while it doesn’t seem like that’ll happen anytime soon in the manga, some fans are making the dream fight themselves.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot | Launch Trailer

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot | Launch Trailer

Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku DBZ fan-made short animation by Etienne Guignard

Etienne Guignard, a French animator working on several series like Lastman and Steven Universe, made a particularly cool anime short imagining Goku Vs Vegeta with their latest transformations.

The animation is short but intense and will definitely make you smile, whether you’ve been actually following Dragon Ball Super or not. Be sure to give Etienne Guignard a follow on Twitter.

it’s also important to note many Dragon Ball fans, myself included, first spotted the movie thanks to animation account Catsuka sharing it. You should definitely follow that account if you not only like Japanese-stylized animation but also any type of animation in general. It’s a gold mine for cool stuff and news you won’t hear anywhere else.

Dragon Ball Super will get a panel at Comic-Con in a few days. With possibly new details on the upcoming DBS Super Hero movie, read more here. We might get a first full-length trailer for the 3DCG movie.

How did you like that Ultra Ego Vegeta vs Ultra Instinct Goku fight? You can also always hit me up on Twitter @A_iyane07 to chat about anime and Japanese-stylized animation. Don’t count on me for deep sakuga discussion though. I know a bit about directors, seiyuu, scriptwriters or character designers, but I’ve never been a sakuga aficionado, barring a few really popular animators like Matsumoto Norio.

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