ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II: The Final Challengers Receives One Final Trailer at Launch

ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II: The Final Challengers Receives One Final Trailer at Launch

The time has come for fists to fly and hadoukens to soar-Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is now out for the Switch with a launch trailer.

It’s finally here! A ‘final’ update to a game that saw it’s last release back in 2003 with the Hyper version. A rebalance to a title using ‘new’ art assets that were added in to Turbo HD Remix in 2008. A fighter no one even knew existed when it was announced back in January of this year. Yes, ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II: The Final Challengers has come out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and has brought a trailer along with it.

The biggest and obvious addition to the game are two ‘new’ characters. Following the 90s trend of pixel swapped characters, Violent Ken and Evil Ryu make an appearance as the final challengers. Both appeared later in the Street Fighter franchise with Ken’s alter-ego only being available in a obscure crossover title. Fan favorite Akuma also emerges from the shadows as a selectable character: no hidden inputs or unlocking required.

The trailer also highlights some of the new features of ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II. Two new modes are now available for retro lovers hoping to shake things up. First there’s a first person challenge called ‘The Way of the Hado’ where you must input Ryu’s different moves to stop wave after wave of Shadaloo soldiers. There’s also a 2 vs 1 tag mode called ‘Buddy Battle’ where you and a friend can fight any opponent at the same time!

Of course, no Street Fighter game would be complete without ways to fight against other players. The title features a few options for local and (especially) online multiplayer. There are lobbies to find matches and ranked fights and replays. You can even show off your unique visual sensibilities by choosing a unique palette from the color editor for each character. And if you want to try to play the game with some Switch specific features, you can activate the option to allow touch screen super moves.

ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II is available now via Nintendo’s online store and in physical copies for $39.99 USD. You can catch all the action in the launch trailer below: