Ultra Street Fighter IV Patch Ushers in Omega Mode

September 20, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter IV is getting a fancy dancy fighting patch that will mix up how the game’s 44 fighters play.

The new Omega mode will add a breath of fresh air to players set and special moves by focusing on making the roster feel new instead of focusing on balance.

Capcom Unity Peter Combofiend” Rosas states,

This means that strong, fan favorite attacks such as Ken’s Shinppu Jinrai Kyaku and Sagat’s Tiger Raid make their return, while other characters such as Zangief gain new abilities, like being able to combo into his command throws.

The Omega mode will arrive in the “near future” and will come free with the 1.04 version of the game where it can be played online in unranked matches.

For further information, check out the Omega mode in the video below.

Dana Abercrombie

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