Ultra Street Fighter IV’s New Super and Ultra Combos Trailers Kick into Action

Ultra Street Fighter IV’s New Super and Ultra Combos Trailers Kick into Action

Thanks to Capcom we finally have a better idea of what we can expect from the four new characters coming to Ultra Street Fighter IV, a combination of new and somewhat familiar super and ultra combos.

There’s really nothing new about Rolento’s fight style for his super and ultra combos are inspired by his attacks in previous appearances in the Street Fighter franchise. His super, Mine Sweeper, and his Take No Prisoners ultras are updated versions of moves originating from the Street Fighter Alpha series. His other ultra, Patriot Sweeper, combines Rolento’s specialty with a baton and grenades.

Next is Elena’s super, the Spinning Beat, and her ultras, Healing and Brave Dance, which are replicas of her super arts from Street Fighter III. This is also true for Hugo, who gets updated versions of his Street Fighter III super arts — Gigas Breaker, Hammer Frenzy and Megaton Press. This time each move is more accentuate, due to Ultra Street Fighter IV‘s 3D graphics.

Lastly there’s Poison, where we see one of  the moves from Street Fighter X Tekken return in the form of Love Storm, an ultra that embarrasses and chastises opponents with a riding crop. She’ll also have a super called the Thunder Whip and an ultra named Poison Kiss which ends with a cruel kick right in the “family jewels.”

Capcom also announced Ultra Street Fighter IV will add Double Ultra Combos, an option that will allow players to have both Ultras at the ready with the understanding that each deals less damage. The game will also introduce Red Focus Attacks, a new defensive option for players.

In addition to all this news,  fans will be able to test some of the new changes coming in Ultra at location tests that kick off next week.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is expected to release in 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Until then, take a look at all four characters’ super and ultra combos in action.