Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword & Shield Details - Date, Time & Spawns

By Sam Woods

August 18, 2021

July and August have been stacked for Pokemon GO fans, with the yearly GO Fest taking place in July, followed by not one, not two but three Ultra Unlock events.

The first two, which were focused on Time and Space, are now in the rearview mirror and players are very much looking forward to the finale, which is focused on the most recent Pokemon games, Sword and Shield.

With the previous two events focused on Time and Space, players were pleasantly surprised when the third part was revealed, completely out of left field.

With it starting soon, here are all the details you need to know about the Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword & Shield event, including the start date, time and the spawns.

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

When is Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield? Date and Times

Part Three of the Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock event is happening very soon – kicking off on Friday, August 20 at 10 am local time.

It’s due to run for approximately 11 days, finishing on Tuesday, August 31 at 8 pm local time.

Theme, Spawns, Raids and Hatches

As stated, the Ultra Unlock Part 3 event is focused around Sword and Shield and will see a handful of Pokemon from the Galar region debut in Pokemon GO.

Both Skwovet, Wooloo and Falinks will be appearing in the wild, alongside Galarian Darumaka and Trubbish.

In 7KM Eggs, players can hatch a range of Galarian Pokemon, including Galarian Darumaka, Galarian Farfetch’d, Galarian Meowth, Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Stunfisk and Galarian Zigzagoon.

Raids will rotate over the course of the event, you can see the schedule below:

Week One:

  • One Star – Galarian Farfetch’d, Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Zigzagoon, Unown U
  • Three Star – Falinks, Galarian Weezing, Lapras
  • Five Star – Zacian
  • Mega Raids – Mega Beedrill

Week Two:

  • One Star – Galarian Darumaka, Galarian Meowth, Galarian Ponyta, Unown U
  • Three Star – Falinks, Galarian Stunfisk, Snorlax
  • Five Star – Zamazenta
  • Mega Raids – Mega Pidgeot


Niantic hasn’t confirmed what the Research will be yet, however, it has confirmed there will be both Timed Research and Field Research tasks available for players to complete during the event.

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