Pro-Player Daigo Umehara Demonstrates New Hit-Box Controller

In a new video, FGC player Daigo Umehara demonstrates his new hit-box controller, shortly after the controversy involving the GafroBox.

By Allisa James

June 2, 2019

Daigo Umehara, FGC pro-player and one of the best fighting game competitors in the world, recently showed off his new hit-box controller in a new livestream. Using Street Fighter V (with his main Guile of course), he demonstrates the differences between this controller and the GafroBox he used previously.

The original video, which was originally posted on Umehara’s Twitch account, has been subtitled courtesy of Youtuber FGC Translated:

It’s fascinating to hear and see some of the fundamental differences between the hit-boxes and how they affect the execution of his techniques. An example of this is when he details what he calls the “biggest demerit” to this hit-box. He states that unlike the GafroBox, this one doesn’t allow for a fast walk, which means he can’t instantly block anymore.

Another point he makes, this one specific to Guile, is that said fighter has to go through Neutral before he’s able to fire off a Sonic Boom. On a positive note, Guile does seem to benefit from the fact that his Flash Kick comes out in F1, so Umehara can dash quickly and go into his “Backdash Throw-tech OS.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether this controller will run into the same issues as his GafroBox once he’s ready to compete in a new tournament. Umehara had originally been cleared to compete with said controller in the recent Combo Breaker tournament. However, in a last-minute decision reversal, Capcom banned the use of the controller for the tourney.

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Capcom then released an official statement regarding the reasons for said ban, which Umehara responded to in another video.

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