Unchained Blades Dungeon Crawling onto PlayStation Portable June 26

XSEED Games has announced that it will bring the dungeon-crawling RPG, Unchained Blades, to the PlayStation Portable as a digital release for $29.99 on PSN. The game will also have a Nintendo 3DS release later this year.

Unchained Blades puts players in a first person view in a role-playing game that features a story by Grandia veteran Takashi Hino. Players will journey through the game with a party of four characters and fight using a turn-based combat system.

The game features a system called “Unchain”.  The system allows players to convince monsters to follow and help them in the game and if they are “Unchained” then those monsters will join the player’s party. Each party member can hold up to four different “Unchained” creatures on them allowing for a variety of combinations.

Unchained Blades boasts over 60 hours of gameplay and a completely English redubbed voice track. Those interested in some dungeon crawling fun will want to keep an eye out for when this title is released on PSN on June 26th. Check out more info on the game here.

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