Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Official Release Date and Box Art

Everyone’s favorite ancient treasure hunter is back, and he has returned in all his half-tuck glory.

By Joel Taveras

July 21, 2009

Everyone’s favorite ancient treasure hunter is back, and he has returned in all his half-tuck glory. Nathan Drake’s got a goatee this time around and goatees are bad ass, so we know that (in movie trailer guy voice): this time, it’s for real. Sony has confirmed that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves developed by the wonderful team at Naughty Dog will be released on October 13th and have also blessed us with this delightful work of box art.

What would a big game launch be without retailer exclusive pre-order goodness? That my friends, is the question and Sony has the answer. They have signed on 4 retail outlets, to scatter their exclusive goodies throughout. Gamestop, Game Crazy, Best-Buy and Amazon.com (respectively) each get their own slice of the Uncharted 2 pre-order pie.

Gamestop is again offering early access to the world of Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Along with it comes the “Revenge” attribute bonus. Attribute’s are Uncharted 2’s version of perks (COD4), and with this pre-order you will be able to unlock it right from the start.

BestBuy will be handing out codes to unlock golden guns for online play. You’ll have both golden Barrettas, for when you wantto feel like 50 Cent.  As well as my personal favorite: the AK-47, that’s for when you have to kill every motherlover in the room.

Game Crazy has what’s called a currency multiplier. Which in essence give’s you double the currency or XP than everyone else (but only for a limited time).

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Amazon.com will be giving out a treasure map, perfect for all of you trophy whores looking for to put a platinum trophy in your collection.

So many options can be quite overwhelming, if I had to make my choice I’d have to say I’d go with Amazon, because I’m pretty sure golden guns and the “revenge” attribute will be unlockable after earning them in multiplayer. Even the currency multiplier can be achieved, I have no doubt that Naughty Dog will have something like “currency multiplier weekends” when releasing map packs and such. I guess we’ll be able to tell on the 13th of October who sold the most, by whether or not everyone’s running around with golden guns. I can’t wait.

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