Uncharted 2 Cinema Mode

on August 31, 2009 11:41 PM

According to a video done by Inside Gaming, Uncharted 2 will feature a Cinema mode for the online multiplayer. Some may ask, what is this feature? Well, this is the new way that you and your friends will be trash talking each other in the future. In essence, you can record online gameplay, upload it to Naughty Dog’s servers, and send it to your buddies. This will be a great way to taunt your buddies or to just show off. This mode will feature an orbital camera and a free camera. In play back, there will be a Handy Cam feature as well. There is angle-tweaking, slow motion, blur settings, as well as lighting and color tweaking.

Also, there will be a Machinima mode, which will allow you to make your own user-generated movie. The movie making mode looks extremely in depth and intuitive. There will be an ability to add voice to the videos as well, and the mouth of the character will sync up with what you are actually saying.

This mode shows that Naughty Dog is truly interested in their community, and they are very excited to see what kind of content will be generated. Who knows, maybe the Dualshockers team will start hosting meetings in Uncharted 2.

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