Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer to Be More Fluid than Call of Duty’s

Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer to Be More Fluid than Call of Duty’s


Naughty Dog has high hopes for Uncharted 3’s online portion stating it “will compete with the big boys” and not to mention the multiplayer trailer to Uncharted 3 was one fast pace romp (if I do say so myself). So if a game hopes to compete with the big dogs (Call of Duty being one of them) how will it accomplish that mission? With fluidity. In a great interview with Uncharted 3 game director, Justin Richmond, NowGamer asked what’s Naughty Dog’s plan to compete with Call of Duty and what key values will help them with their goal. Mr. Richmond replied that the gameplay mechanics of the Uncharted series allow for a new/interesting feel to online gaming.

“Climb a tower, pull someone off a ledge, jump six stories down, break an enemy’s neck, shoot a third, and then roll away while dropping a grenade is a typical fifteen second sequence in our game.”

This looks to be one very fluid, entertaining experience does it not? Although I’m not sure how realistic being able to run after a six story drop is…but I digress. By Richmond’s description of Drake in multiplayer action we can expect heart pounding moments, adrenaline pumping events, and just the occasional jaw dropping. Sorry to say fanboys but the only heart pounding experience I had in a Call of Duty game was getting a nuke and that lost its luster after awhile. Lastly, if climbing, jumping, snapping, shooting, and grenade dropping only take fifteen seconds to occur how will the rest of the match turn out?! We’ll find out this November 1st.