Uncharted 3 Flashback Map Pack is on Its Way

on January 12, 2012 7:37 PM

We now have an official release date, thanks to PlayStation’s Hong Kong website; players will be able to return to four classic maps from Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 on January 17th.

We all know how Naughty Dog remixes and completely alters classic maps such as Highrise and Molten Ruins from Uncharted 3 so we’re excited to see how these new refreshed maps play out. From new lighting and particle effects to whole new renovations in the atmosphere department; these maps are sure to compliment the plunderer within you.  The following are the four maps that you will be able to play. Please try to keep your composure.

  1. Fort (now it’s raining)
  2. Lost City (snow and ice has taken over)
  3. Cave (it’s now spring time and vegetation has claimed the land!)
  4. Sanctuary (Now it’s nighttime and the Aurora Borealis permeates the night sky)

It’s hard not to get goose bumps when reading these maps especially when you can just imagine how it’s going to look on a 1080p display. Naughty Dog has said that while these maps are beautiful to look at, they will be extremely dangerous and one missed jump could send you to your doom.  Its okay Naughty Dog, we’re used to beautiful sceneries that can kill us. Piece of cake!

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