Update: Uncharted 3 Will Feature Split-Screen Gameplay?

UPDATE: The split-screen feature has been confirmed by Naughty Dog co-president. Get your friends together and let them know they can play adventurous, treasure hunter with you now!

Uncharted 2 was arguably one of the greatest games to grace the PlayStation 3 system. Over 50 GOTY awards received and countless other awards in categories from best graphics to best voice acting attest to that fact. The only feature (or lack thereof) fans could complain about was the split-screen campaign/multiplayer option. In fact there wasn’t any such gameplay option. Naughty Dog, wanting to make a seemingly perfect game, may have heard those requests and complaints. Although the Uncharted developer hasn’t officially announced a split-screen option, it seems the feature has been confirmed by a duo of Youtube videos.

Do you remember where you were when the Uncharted 3 teaser was shown at the 2010 VGA awards? I’m sure the vast majority of gamers were planted on their couch watching that very teaser trailer. However, not nearly as much gamers watched the “Behind the Scenes” video to that Uncharted 3 teaser. For those of you who did watch the video, did you notice the weird occurrence at the 1:33 mark? If you didn’t we don’t hold it against you; after all the sequence was less then a second long. See if you can locate it in the video below.

Still didn’t see it? Maybe we need to slow it down a bit…which is exactly what a Youtube user called mohchambers did below.

See it now?! Notice how the split-screen line is in fact on the screen and you can see an AK-47 symbol in the top right corner of the bottom half of the split-screen? There is no definitive proof if this footage is multiplayer or single-player, but seems to indicate that a split-screen option will appear in the 3rd Uncharted game. Naughty Dog has been contacted for further information.

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