Uncharted 4 a Thief’s End: E3 2015 vs February 2016 Video Comparison – Spot the Subtle Differences

Uncharted 4 a Thief’s End: E3 2015 vs February 2016 Video Comparison – Spot the Subtle Differences

Today Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment released a brand new story trailer of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and interestingly, it included quite a few scenes in common with the build of the game from E3 2015, that was then fully showcased in July.

This let us have a little bit of fun comparing those scenes, and trying to spot the subtle differences between them, which once more testify the perfectionism of the team at Naughty Dog. If you thought that build was incredible, they still got around making a few changes here and there in order to make it perfect. Check out the video below.

The lighting in the scene in which Nathan and Sam are chased by an armored vehicle has been tweaked. Now the light’s hue is more leaning towards the red, enhancing the sunset. It also reflects on the vehicle’s shader.

After they return home, the lighting as been tweaked as well. The environment is slightly brighter, and the skin shader reacts to it with a less yellowish hue, giving the faces a more natural feel.

In the new build Elena turns to face Drake just a bit slower, enhancing the expressiveness of the scene and giving us a few more frames to enjoy her pained expression.

In the scene where Drake and Sam laugh on the bike the reflective puddle of water is slightly different, and now blends a bit more with the surrounding terrain and with the lighting.

The impact between the jeep and the armored vehicle underwent an interesting change. In the old scene, the camera shifts to the incoming armored vehicle and stays on it longer. In the new build, that part of the scene has been shortened by a few frames, probably in order to make the impact feel more suddden and violent.

Of course, there might be further differences than those I noticed, so have fun trying to spot them. One thing is for sure. Naughty Dog did an awesome job with the game’s visuals and with the in-engine cutscenes. If it plays as great as it looks, we’re in for a real treat.