Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's Patch 1.08 Gets Massive Patch Notes

By Giuseppe Nelva

June 29, 2016

Today Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment released patch 1.08 and the Lost Treasures DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and the full patch notes have also been made public.

You can read them in full below.


Added Leveling Up System
– Level XP is earned from end game score, completing matches and earning medals
– Level icon is only visible to friends and party members
Rewards for leveling
– Relics
– Vanity Chest
– Hero Weapon Chests
– One-Use Booster Chests
– Mystical Hats and Masks
Ranked TDM changes and additions
– Apprentice Class
– Master Class
– Ranked Rewards
– Start of Season 1 which will last 60 days
– Removed ranked party restrictions
– Added Vote to forfeit option for the ranked playlist
– Ranked icon appears in the HUD while playing a ranked match
Added a new map
– Sunken Ruins
Added new Boosters
– Enhanced Radar
– Gifting
– Gunslinger
– Hardened
Added 5 new weapons
– P90 + Mods + Hero Weapons (Long gun)
– Arrowhead A3c + Mods + Hero Weapons (Long Gun)
– Enforcer G26 + Mods + Hero Weapons (Pistol)
– Agarwal .40 + Mods + Hero Weapons (Pistol)
– Harbinger Sniper (Heavy Weapon)
Added new Mystical
– Path of Indra
Added new Modifications
– Teleport to sidekicks (Path of Indra)
– Misdirection (Path of Indra)
– Quick Escape (Path of Indra)
– Revive Target (Path of Indra)
Added 4 new store chests
– DLC Vanity Chest
– DLC Premium Vanity Chest
– DLC Gameplay Chest
– Loadout Point Chest
Added 12 new bundles
– Triple Pack Bundle #1
– Breach and Clear Bundle
– Vintage Bundle
– Creepy Bundle
– Combat-Ready Bundle
– Scallywag Bundle
– Swashbuckler Bundle
– Buccaneer Bundle
– Armory Bundle #1
– Armory Bundle #2
– Git Gud Bundle
– Pirates of Libertalia Bundle
Added 7 new Private Match Options
– In Game Store on/off
– Sidekicks on/off
– Mysticals on/off
– Heavy Weapons on/off
– Cash Drip on/off
– Radar on/off
– Command Captain on/off
– Added Challenges for new content
Added new Trial
– Path of Indra Trial
Added Offline relic bonus
Added a Relic wallet cap of 10,000
Added weapon mod icons to the in game HUD
Added 29 New Medals to TDM
Added the ability to purchase items directly from Customization menu
Added editable custom loadout names
Added a Variety of UI sounds
Leaderboards reset with updated stats
Update to the dialogue system and lines of Sidekicks
Added aim sensitivity sliders
Acceleration Speed
Ramp Power Scale
Option to turn off Uncharted TV
Added new Uncharted TV videos
Updated map weightings for playlist selection
Updated descriptions for vanity items
Added Relic rewards based on previous season placement
Added new pre-set loadouts with new DLC items

Balance changes:
Changed the number of matches required to play Ranked TDM from 10 -> 5
Scoped weapons receive 10% less damage wobble when scoped in
Damage wobble dealt by automatic weapons has been reduced
Reduced blindfire rotation speed
Reduced Pistole reload speed mod
Explosive Awareness 3 LP cost reduced from 6 to 5
Mark on Damage 1 booster LP increased from 1 to 2
Mark on Damage 3 booster LP increased from 4 to 5
Mod changes:
Indra’s Eternity
– Slow Down Increase mod LP increased from 1 to 2
– Slow Down Increase mod in game price increased from $50 to $75
– Mark Targets mod LP decreased from 2 to 1
– Mark Targets mod in game price decreased from $150 to $125
Cintamani Stone
– Full Revive mod LP increased from 2 to 3
Spirit of the Djinn
– Increased Duration mod – Every player KO extends the djinn duration by 5 seconds
– Faster Movement mod in game price increased from $50 to $75
– Health Regeneration mod in game price reduced from $200 to $175
– Toss RevivePaks mod in game price increased from $50 – $75
– Silent Hunter mod LP cost increased from 1 to 2
– No Explosive Stun mod in game cost increased from $25 to $75
– No Laser Sight mod LP cost increased from 1 to 2
– Health Regeneration mod in game price reduced from $200 to $175
Mazur LDR
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Aimed Strafe Speed LP decreased 3 to 2
– Accuracy mod LP increased 3 to 4
M14 Custom
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Reload Speed LP decreased 2 to 1
Spezzotti 12 Gauge
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 4 to 3
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 2 to 1
Bishai .50 Cal
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Decreased Pistole range
Swapped Grenade upgrades 2 and 3
Brightness of the light on the mine increased
Mine collision changed to make them easier to shoot
Brute is no longer auto aware of all enemies but relies on his vision cone and awareness of owner
Savior is no longer interrupted by enemy players bumping into them
Farmer – Updated
– Level 1: Enemy Sidekick kills/assists drop a small treasure and reduce gear resupply by 10 seconds, Deal 50% more melee damage
– Level 2: Enemy Sidekick kills/assists drop a large treasure and reduce gear resupply by 15 seconds, Deal 50% more melee and explosive damage, Enemy Sidekick icons appear though walls at 15 meters
– Level 3: Enemy Sidekick kills/assists drop a large treasure and reduce gear resupply by 20 seconds, Deal 50% more melee and explosive damage, Enemy Sidekick icons appear though walls at 20 meters, Deal 30% more bullet damage

Bug Fixes:

We have a lot of bug fixes in this patch! Too many to list, so here are some of the most notable ones.
Leaderboard fixes
A bunch of fixes to spawn points, regions, and features on the release maps
Fixes for multiple level exploits
Visual fix for Indra’s Eternity
Fix Indra’s Eternity detonation bug (not going off immediately after landing)
Make plunder capture effects play after capture event and not in parallel
Late-joining fix
Fix to make ledge pulling/punching more consistent
In-game HUD and store now reflects if a modification is on a weapon/mystical/sidekicks
Fixes for multiple crashes
Fix for not being able to back out when late-joining a private match
Fix for player remaining in the downstate after being revived by and NPC in Trials
Fix for NPCs having trouble meleeing when checking collision
Fix idol duplication bugs and bug where the idol would spawn in front of the chest after a team scores
Fix for nametags remaining on screen when the player has died
Fix for dropping the idol when attempting to reload
Fix for in-game store becoming invisible
Fix for Parting Gift not leaving treasure for allies
Fix for Staff of Ayar Manco Challenge
Fix for Uncharted TV causing matchmaking problems
Fix for Mazur LDR not maintaining aim position when reloading while scoped in and going back into scope
Fixed exploits on Scotland, Pirate Colony, Remnants & Auction
Fixed dual idol on player selecting quit with the idol
Fixed bug where Cintamani Stone would incorrectly reward cash for players that were not downed
Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in Matchmaking loading screens if matchmaking failed during pre-match load
Adjusted nametags to be closer to player models
Fixed Drake’s XCR stat bar
Fixed display issue with endgame scoreboard showing the incorrect tab
Fixed a possible hang when leaving multiplayer

Added new Customization items:
Skins & Pre-set Outfits
Prison outfit for every skin
– Military Drake
– Pirate Drake
– Dread Pirate Drake
– Desperado Drake
– Pirate Sullivan
– Sailor Sullivan
– Scientist Sullivan
– Smoky Sullivan
– Pirate Lord Sullivan
– Pirate Elena
– Military Elena
– Explorer Elena
– Exquisite Pirate Elena
– Exporter Elena
– Sous Chef Sam
– Sideshow Sam
– Creeping Cutter
– Tavern Tenzin
– Cockpit Chloe
– Scrub Salim
– Military Lazarevic
– Lockdown Lazarevic
– Looting Lazarevic
– Military Rafe
– Regulator Rafe
– Rowdy Rafe
– Flight Suit Nadine
– Pirate Nadine
– Navigator Nadine
– Knifed Knot
– Kelvin Knot
– Off-Duty Orca
– Operator Orca
– Formal Marlowe
– Mysterious Marlowe
– Motorcycle Marlowe
– Ranger Rameses
– Pirate Eddy
– Military Eddy
– Extravagant Pirate Eddy
– Enforcer Eddy
– Pirate Flynn
– Wetsuit Flynn
– Flipper Flynn
– Fearsome Flynn
– Tauper Talbot
– Naughty Navarro
– Ruffian Roman
– Ski Mask
– Winter Goggles
– Winter Mask
– Pirate Bandana
– Newsboy
– Aussie Hat
– Pirate Hat
– Pirate Navigator
– Pirate Commodore
– Pirate Captain
Caps & Wraps
– Sailor Hat
– Desert Goggles
– Construction Helmet
– Riot Helmet
– Riot Mask
– Anti Riot Helmet
– Broken Riot Mask
– Night Goggles
– Military Helmet
– Firefighter Helmet
– RPG Helmet
– Jet Helmet
– WW1 Helmet
– Army Helmet
– Bronze Helm of Ayar
– Horned Morion of Indra
– Cintamani Crown
– Golden Crown of El Dorado
– Djinn’s Inferno
– The Eternal Face of Indra
– Djinn Skull of the Undying
Ranked Rewards
– Golden Trucker
– Platinum Trucker
– Diamond Trucker
– Master Trucker
Flag Hats
Face Wear
– Night Vision Goggles
– Sniper Mask
Pirate Eye Patch
Double Patch
Eye Patch
Metal Mask
Paintball Mask
Ballistic Mask
Scuba Face Mask
Eyes Of the Ayar
Haunted Mask of El Dorado
Indra’s Tusks
Cintamani Wreath of Amber
Ayar Mask of the Blind King
Golden Guardian of El Dorado
Djinn Breath of Fire
The Rubber Leg
Sexy Walk
Watch Me
The Shimmy
The MD
The Ranked Dab (unlocked through Ranked TDM)
Taunts with Props
Rope Jump

Weapons Skins

Scorch Rainbow
Strange Relic


Fixed camera jitter when activating an L3 Prompt
Fix for a crash
Motion Blur slider (MP & SP)

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