Uncharted 4 Charts a Roadmap for Post-Release Multiplayer Support; Includes Free Updates, Co-op, and More

In just over a week, players will finally get to experience the end of Nathan Drake’s journey in the long-awaited Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, with developer Naughty Dog giving players a glimpse at what to expect from the post-launch support and DLC coming to multiplayer.

Naughty Dog has revealed some new information regarding the post-launch content and support for Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer component on the PlayStation Blog, with the studio giving a literal “roadmap” to the content that will be coming to the game.

Future updates to the multiplayer component of Uncharted 4 will include new content ranging from new items and weapons to new features and modes, with Naughty Dog to include features such as online co-op and more “that will introduce new rules and play styles” at no additional cost to purchasers. The company will also be adding a Cinema mode to allow players to share and view replays of matches to

As outlined by the studio, the company is looking to ensure that all players are kept on the same page regarding content in future updates, with Naughty Dog explicitly stating that “no DLC item is available exclusively” through the purchase of microtransactions, and that new content (such as maps and items) will be available to all players on the same day to ensure that “all players are kept together and experience new content at the same time.”

In particular, Naughty Dog addressed that new content will come from in-game chests that players use currency (called Relics) to earn. All of the multiplayer content can be unlocked and earned using the in-game Relics, which players will acquire by completing Daily Challenges and winning online matches. Players can also use real currency to purchase Uncharted Points that can also be used to acquire more chests, though all of the content in-game can still be earned by regularly playing the multiplayer component and the use of Uncharted Points is optional.

Chests will be divided up into two types, with Gameplay Chests that drop weapons, Mystical items, boosters, and more, while Vanity Chests will provide players with new skins, hats, taunts, and more. The loot inside the chests will be randomized, but no chest will provide players with duplicate items that they already have in their inventory, making each chest at least provide players with something new each time.

While specifics weren’t revealed, Naughty Dog did reveal support and new content for the game’s multiplayer through at least Spring of 2017 with new skins, weapons, and more to be added throughout the next year.

In addition to the new multiplayer content, Naughty Dog also shared some more information regarding the Uncharted 4 Triple Pack, which provides players with the complete Uncharted 4 post-release experience with two multiplayer content packs and access to the upcoming single-player story expansion for Uncharted 4, which will be the first-ever story add-on for the series. The two multiplayer packs will each add the following content:

MP Pack #1
– Long Gun
– Booster
– Skin
– Hat
– Taunt

MP Pack #2
– Pistol
– Booster
– Mystical
– Hat
– Taunt

In a final note, Naughty Dog gave a bit more explanation on the multiplayer modes that will be available for the game at launch, with the studio bringing several modes back from the previous titles and refreshing a few with new ideas. Full descriptions of each multiplayer mode at launch are available to view below:

  • Ranked: In Ranked Team Deathmatch, Ranks range from Bronze III to Diamond I. You’ll be awarded points for winning a match, and points will be deducted for losing. When you acquire the necessary number of points, you’ll enter into Qualifiers – which is where things get really interesting. At this point, a player is given the opportunity to increase his or her Rank by winning a certain number of the next few matches. Failing to do so will knock the player out of Qualifiers, and he or she must earn points again for another attempt.
  • Command: In this mode, you’ll capture Command Sites for a steady flow of points, or knock out enemy Captains for a large point bonus. Command emphasizes teamwork and a large part of that comes from protecting your Captain.

There are a number of Command Sites across each map. When your team captures one, your team’s score will increase. Command Sites captured by the enemy team must be neutralized before you can capture them for your side. Command Sites are captured faster when more members of the team are inside them.

Whichever player contributes the most points to the team’s objective is the Team Captain. The Captain will receive bonuses — cheaper In-Match Store Items, the ability to revive teammates faster, and more health when downed. When a Captain is designated, the Captain starts at Level 1, but as the Captain gains objective points without being KO’ed, the Captain goes up a Level to a max level of three, which increases the effectiveness of the Captain bonuses. However, at higher levels, the Captain is more visible to the enemy:

Level 1: Enemies see a Captain icon by the Captain’s name
Level 2: Enemies can always see the Captain on radar
Level 3: Captains are automatically Marked until they lose Captain status

Captain status is lost when the Captain is knocked out, which scores the enemy points depending on the level of the Captain. This mode can have some intense comebacks given the large point value a Captain can reach.

  • Team Deathmatch: A fight to the end with teammates at your side. The goal is to score a certain number of points to win, with each enemy KO being worth one point.
  • Plunder: In Plunder, grab the idol and return it to your treasure chest for one point. You can throw and climb with the Idol.
  • Warm Up Playlist: We have made a lot of new gameplay mechanics available, and the Warm Up playlist gives players the opportunity to explore them. You will only be able to play in this playlist for a certain number of matches, to help you understand the multiplayer mechanics before joining the fight.
  • Trials: Set up as pseudo competitive matches, players go up against enemy NPC opponents with the goal of getting a high score using specific multiplayer mechanics. Each of the 10 Trials will include different levels of difficulty and will award Relics for completion.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will release for PS4 on May 10th, 2016.

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