Uncharted 4: Check Out the Sweet New Stuff from Patch 1.08 and New DLC; Co-Op Coming in “Near Future”

on June 28, 2016 3:00 PM

During a livestream today, Naughty Dog showcased the new items and features coming with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Patch 1.08, including a new map, new weapons and new customization items. On top of that, we also learn that co-op is coming “in the near future.”

Below you can find a recap of what was mentioned by lead Game Designer Robert Cogburn and Game Designers Quentin Cobb and Vinit Agarwal, screen captures of the new items, and a video of the new map.

  • The leveling system has been redone. You earning XP from score, medals and more. The maximum level is 70. Everyone starts from scratch.
  • For the moment there’s no prestiging, but the system will be expanded.
  • You can earn unique vanity items (every 10 levels you get an unique headgear item, and every five you get an unique eyewear item), chests and relics.
  • The new map is Sunken Ruins, set around Avery’s library.
  • There are new weapons: Arrowhead A3c, P90, Agarwal .40 (4 shots to down), Enforcer G26 (7 shots to down)¬†and¬†Harbringer Sniper (1 headshot or 2 body shots to down and low recoil. It has 4 bullets per purchase). They all have weapon mods.
  • There are new boosters: Path of Indra (mystical), Gifting (booster), Gunslinger (booster), Hardened (booster), Enhanced Radar (booster). They all have mods.
  • There are new customization options including pirate skins (for Drake, Elena, Eddy, Nadine and Sully), military skins, prison skins and more, new dances, new taunts with props.
  • There are new chests with the DLC items in the store. They don’t give duplicates.
  • They cost more than the usual, but you are given new ways to get relics, including an offline bonus that accrues while you’re not playing.
  • There are also new bundles.
  • There’s a new trial for the Path of Indra, new challenges, but no new trophies.
  • There are new game settings. You can turn off different things like the game store, mysticals or more.
  • The patch and DLC will launch tomorrow between 10:30 – 11:30 pacific time.
  • The patch notes will also come tomorrow, and they’re “really long.”
  • The studio is working on new game modes. This is not the only summer update that will come this summer, so what was included in the roadmap for the summer is still coming.
  • With the new patch, if you approach a brute from the rear, he won’t detect until he’s attacked.
  • Leaderboards are fixed.
  • The message of the day has been upgraded.
  • The mod of the Djinn mystical that increases duration now gives you 5 more seconds for every kill you get.
  • Balanced has been overhauled: shotguns have been changed, mods had their loadout points changed for balance.
  • Many bugs have been fixed, including some happening in Plunder mode.
  • New voice overs have been added for the sidekicks.
  • There are new rewards for ranked gameplay. They’re exclusive by season.
  • Blind fire has been overhauled. You don’t turn as sharply.
  • Level 2 and 3 upgrades to grenades have been swapped. Now you don’t get a second grenade until level 3.
  • Co-op is being worked on, and will come “in the near future.” Won’t be tomorrow.

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