Uncharted 4 Microtransactions Clarified by Naughty Dog: You Can Get the Same Things by Playing and More

Uncharted 4 Microtransactions Clarified by Naughty Dog: You Can Get the Same Things by Playing and More

At Paris Games Week, Naughty Dog talked about Naughty Dog Points, a microstransaction system for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Today Community Strategist Arne Meyer mentioned during a panel from PAX Australia that the reports about it are “a little inaccurate.”

Meyer also explained in detail how the system will work.

“We made a brief mentions of Naughty Dog Points. We talked about it last week at Paris Games Week, and I think some of the reports that came out were a little inaccurate with what we’re trying to do, but the idea is that there are some things in the game that you can get with Naughty Dog Points, and when you start playing Uncharted 4’s multiplayer you actually get a little bit of this currency so you can try out and see how it works.

You buy Naughty Dog Points with real currency, so it’s basically a virtual currency. And just the idea is that we looked at the ways that people have done this in other games, we’ve looked at the community’s reaction to it, we’ve looked at the community’s reaction to our announcement of Naughty Dog Points, and we wanna make sure that it’s a really complex but really balanced system, that everyone gets to use.

The idea for us is that, we’re not trying to create a new stream of money coming in for it. The idea is that we want to support this game for a really long time. If you look at Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, those two multiplayer games still exist right now, we still have a multiplayer community that’s playing with it, and it’s really quite some time. We want to be able to do that with Uncharted 4 as well, to be able to support the multiplayer game for it.

We don’t have dedicated servers, so it reduces our costs to be able to maintain everything going on, so we’re thinking of this virtual currency system as a way to basically treat this game as a service so that we can keep it going for a really long time.”

Asked if there are other opportunities to earn Naughty Dog Points just for playing, Meyer clarified that that there aren’t beyond the initial quantity, but the items you get with them can be earned via other gameplay means.

“Only from the money that we’re giving you from the beginning, but basically everything that you can buy with virtual currency, you can also get from playing through the game. So we’re not gating anything off so that only people that buy that way [get it]. There’s nothing that actually changes your game mechanics behind it either.”

Personally, I really see nothing so controversial about this system.

As long as players who don’t want to spend real money have access to the same perks, and you can’t pay to influence the game’s mechanics, you can pretty much ignore the system and play as you normally would. As usual, it seems to be a case of “much ado about nothing.”