Uncharted 4’s Environments: “Exciting Stuff;” Naughty Dog Still Using Havok Physics/Destruction for Future Games

Uncharted 4’s Environments: “Exciting Stuff;” Naughty Dog Still Using Havok Physics/Destruction for Future Games

With The Last of Us Remastered speeding towards the goal line, Naughty Dog has been working hard on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and today the team had an environment art review as shared by the talented artist Anthony Vaccaro on Twitter.

Had an Environment Art review for #Uncharted4 today looking at what everyone has been working on. Exciting stuff! : D

Speaking of environments, we’re probably going to see quite a lot of destruction happen to them, as indicated by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Dynamic Artist published today by Naughty Dog.

Break-up environment geometry and running Maya and/or Houdini dynamic simulations of their destruction. Preserve existing UV information and generating new UVs as needed after fragmenting the geometry. Assist particle artists with the placement and creation of particles for destructible objects and other effects. Ensure that dynamic effects run within established game-engine operating parameters, and scale level of detail as needed to accomplish this. Provide feedback to tools programmers and coordinating efforts with other dynamic artists to streamline methods and improve efficiency. Work closely with designers to fine-tune the timing of complex interactive dynamic effects. Create cloth motion simulations, and fine tuning them for aesthetic effect. Coordinate with background artists to seamlessly integrate dynamic effects into environments. Set up objects for real-time destructibility using Havok Physics and Destruction. Work with other disciplines, such as prop modeling, texturing or particles.

Havok Physics and Destruction have been used by Naughty Dog for both Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us, and the fact that they’re still hiring to work on them quite evidently indicates that the studio plans to keep using them for future games, which will feature real-time destructible environments.

We also learn that they’re working on cloth motion simulations, and the requirements for the ad indicate that the task will be accomplished by using dynamics in Maya.

It’ll be interesting to see how much of this will be applied to Uncharted 4, and to what extent environments and props will be destructible. The more the better.