Uncharted 4’s Levels Look “Amazing,” as Naughty Dog Devs Spend Saturday Crunching

Uncharted 4’s Levels Look “Amazing,” as Naughty Dog Devs Spend Saturday Crunching

We’re just two months and a half away from the release of Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and the studio is hard at work to get it done.

Naughty Dog developers have gone on record in the past about their dedication during crunch times, and this final period heading towards release is no exception, as mentioned by Lead Game Designer Emilia Schatz and Multiplayer Level Layout Artist David Ballard (who incidentally returned to Naughty Dog fairly recently after a period at Ubisoft San Francisco).

The tweets came almost at the same time when it was almost 10 PM in Santa Monica on a Saturday Evening, giving you a good idea on the sacrifices developers are making in order to get the game on our screens in the best possible conditions. Incidentally, Ballard’s “crunch beard” is also quite majestic.

Speaking of level design, veteran Environment Artist Anthony Vaccaro had flattering things to say about the work his colleagues are doing on the game’s levels.

Gamers often don’t realize how much work goes into creating the video games we love, with long hours that draw into the late evening and into the weekend. When you’re tempted to throw a nasty comment towards the fruits of what’s often more a labor of love and passion than a simple job, you might want to consider that.

It’s also nice to see someone with a messier desk than mine…but I’m digressing.

That said, we salute Naught Dog’s Saturday night warriors, as we wait to finally get our hands on the game. I have a feeling that it’s going to be worth the wait.