This Uncharted Deepfake With Nathan Fillion is Scary Good

This Uncharted Deepfake With Nathan Fillion is Scary Good

This Uncharted 4 deep fake with Nathan Fillion is stunning and many people looking might not even notice the difference between the two.

The Uncharted movie has had a bumpy road trying to get created. But in my opinion, the first mistake was not casting Nathan Fillion to play, well, Nathan. One, he already pretty much looks like him. Two, just take a look at this Uncharted short movie he created himself. It is great, right? And three, this deepfake might just sell you on the casting.

Per Eurogamer, a deepfake creator, who goes by Jarkan, has created a new deepfake by importing Fillion’s face into Uncharted 4. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Pretty good, right? While a deepfake will always have some jank to it, the pairing is almost one to one. There were times that someone who had never played the game would have probably not noticed at all.

I know the Uncharted movie adaptation is supposed to revolve around a young Nathan Drake and a younger version of Sully, but I still wish Fillion would have been cast for the role. He has already proved that he fits the role of Nate almost perfectly. And let’s be honest, after the rocky road the movie has already gone through, it would take a miracle for it to actually turn into a good movie.