Long-in-Development Uncharted Film Adaptation Gets New Script

Long-in-Development Uncharted Film Adaptation Gets New Script

The long-in-development Uncharted feature film adaptation has struggled for years to get made, while the film has received a new script draft.

When it comes to video games getting turned into films there haven’t been too many that have managed to raise the bar in terms of quality, though the film adaptation of Uncharted – which has floated around in development hell for quite some time – took a major step forward with a new script.

Writer and director Joe Carnahan, previously known for films such as The Grey and Smokin’ Aces, revealed through a photo on Instagram that a new draft of the script for the Uncharted film adaptation has been completed. While details surrounding the film are still vague, Carnahan’s comment on the script explains it as being “monstrously cool” and “a BEAST.”

A film adaptation of the Uncharted series has been in the works as far back as 2008, while various director and casting changes have changed hands and swapped over the last decade. Previous directors for the project included David O. Russell and Neil Burger, while actors considered for the role of Nathan Drake have included Mark Wahlberg and Chris Pratt.

The last developments on the Uncharted movie had it pegged for a 2016 release with Mark Wahlberg to star, though with the movie having a new script it could be on the way toward (an eventual) release.