Uncharted Games Made With Memorable Scenes in Mind

The Uncharted series is known for its epic level design, whether it’s the train level in Uncharted 2, or the cargo plain one in Uncharted 3. In an interview with  Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra and creative director Amy Hennig over at CNN, the two detailed a bit more the creation process behind the Uncharted games.

Their main objective is to “try to come up with these set-piece moments that aren’t just for show,” Hennig said. “In many ways, they become the signature pieces of the game.” They think of epic moments, locations, actions and work from there. The action really is core to the game.

“I can’t start off with a big script,” the creative director said. “I’d rather be given the weird challenge of, ‘OK, we’re going to do a desert and a cruise ship. Figure out how […] The story has to be the most flexible thing in the whole production,” Hennig said. “It’s way more like working on a television show.”

The interactions between the characters, a staple of the series, is still a priority, which she characterizes as “the game’s most important element” but it still has to work with the set pieces designed earlier.

According to the interview, the “executives haven’t decided whether the next game will be part of the Uncharted franchise, or another Naughty Dog series like Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter — or something completely new”. You can check out our Uncharted 3 review here.


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