Tom Holland Confirms Uncharted Film Has Started Filming

Tom Holland is probably currently hanging off of a ledge.

July 15, 2020

Tom Holland has been a little teasey-tease this morning as he uploaded a photo on Instagram confirming that the Uncharted movie has officially begun filming. Don’t expect to see any spoilers from this photo, it’s literally just a chair.

The chair though, well, I imagine it’s part of his chair, has his character’s name, “Nate” on it. The caption alongside the photo says “Day One #uncharted” Back in February of this year, it was said that filming would begin even without a director. The director was eventually confirmed to be Ruben Fleischer. However, in the wake of the coronavirus, production was put on hold.

It was confirmed that in addition to Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas would also be joining the production. The other actors have no shared any other images on social media, but then Holland is the most socially active on social media so that’s not at all surprising.

It might seem as if the Uncharted movie has been struggling to get off the ground for some time now, but it does look like things are finally going to plan. If you’re impatient, Nathan Fillion was part of a fan-film that had many speculating if he was actually to be playing the role of Nathan Drake in the actual film. But it’s still a good watch regardless.

I’m sure there will be more photos going up over the coming months, be that through Instagram posts or Instagram Stories, but it’s certainly good to see production finally starting as lockdown restrictions have started to lift worldwide.

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