Uncharted Movie has Wrapped Up Filming, Mark Wahlberg Teases Sully’s Outfit

Uncharted Movie has Wrapped Up Filming, Mark Wahlberg Teases Sully’s Outfit

Uncharted has officially finished its first major stage of production ahead of a planned 2021 release date.

After beginning initial filming earlier this summer, it was announced today that the shooting of Sony’s Uncharted movie has now completed.

The official Uncharted movie account posted to Twitter this morning announcing that the principal photography of the project has wrapped up. An image was posted alongside showing off a clapperboard from the film to go along with a prop that resembles Nathan Drake’s iconic ring necklace.

In proximity to the revelation that filming has now finished, Mark Wahlberg, who is set to play Victor Sullivan in the movie, also took to Twitter to share something that will surely juice up many Uncharted fans. Wahlberg shared an image of a button-down shirt that greatly resembles the same kind that Sully wears in Uncharted 3. A cigar, which Sully is almost constantly smoking in the video game franchise, can also be seen sitting in an ashtray in the picture’s foreground. While many have been somewhat critical of Wahlberg playing the part of Sully, at least it looks as though they’re going to nail the visual aesthetic of the character.

With filming now wrapped, hopefully, it won’t be long until we get a look at Uncharted in a formal movie trailer. Despite the fact that most video game movies don’t turn out to be that good, the film’s star power with Holland and Wahlberg should at least make it a fun romp.

Uncharted is set to hit theaters next year on July 16, 2021.