Uncharted Movie is Losing Bumblebee’s Travis Knight as Director

Uncharted Movie is Losing Bumblebee’s Travis Knight as Director

Sony's Uncharted movie hits yet another roadblock as Bumblebee director Travis Knight is the latest director to leave the project.

After years of being stuck in development hell, Sony’s Uncharted movie finally seemed to be picking up steam. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg came on to the project as Nathan Drake and Sully, respectively, Sony founded a new division specifically focused on films, and Bumblebee’s Travis Knight was poised to direct it. Unfortunately, the production of this Uncharted movie just hit another major roadblock.

Deadline reports that Travis Knight will be leaving the film’s production. He is the latest in a long string of directors that have attached themselves before eventually parting ways with Sony in regards to the Uncharted movie. Other directors that have previously been attached to Uncharted include Dan Trachtenberg, Shawn Levy, Seth Gorden, Neil Burger, and David O. Russel. That being said, the split between Knight and PlayStation Productions’ first movie appears to be more amicable than previous departures.

Scheduling issues as the main reason that Knight could no longer direct, according to Deadline. As you probably know, Tom Holland also portrays Spider-Man in the MCU and a third movie was recently greenlit after Sony and Disney renegotiated. As the next Spider-Man film begins to pick up steam, production on the Uncharted movie is apparently crunching; ultimately, this new pace conflicted with Knight’s own schedule so he could no longer direct. Deadline also confirms that Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and the film’s writers are all still attached despite Knight’s sudden departure.

While this is definitely another blow to the Uncharted film’s production, it is apparently still moving forward as Sony seeks a new director. Still, a crunched production and last-minute director change don’t bode too well for the film’s quality. DualShockers will be sure to keep you in the loop as another director and more actors attached themselves to Uncharted. As for Travis Knight, he is directing a movie based on The Six Million Dollar Man that is supposed to hit theaters in 2020.