Neil Druckmann Gives Tom Holland His Blessing During Filming of Uncharted Movie

Neil Druckmann has been given a look at the set of the Uncharted movie from none other than Tom Holland and what he's been shown seems to have made him quite excited.

Sony’s upcoming film adaptation of Uncharted has been in the process of filming since earlier this summer and it seems as though one of the primary creators behind the franchise has now been given a look at the movie’s progress.

In a recent message on Twitter, Tom Holland, who is playing the role of Nathan Drake in the film, tweeted at Naughty Dog writer and director Neil Druckmann to say that he enjoyed a recent chat that the two apparently had. Holland said he was a “big fan” of Druckmann’s work and went on to say that he hopes he is a fan of the direction of the movie thus far.

Druckmann responded saying that he enjoyed the conversation as well and that the movie’s set “looks insane.” He then wished Holland the best of luck through the remainder of filming.

While some have been a bit skeptical of the Uncharted movie given the general direction of the project (mainly the age disparity between Holland himself and Drake from the video games) it seems as though Druckmann seems excited by what he has seen. Holland himself has also previously expressed his pleasure with how filming has gone so far, saying that the project is “everything I ever dreamed it would be.”

It remains to be seen if general audiences will be just as pleased with the final product as Druckmann and Holland seem to be, but it’s good to know that two key figures associated with the IP are happy with how things have gone so far. While we have yet to see any official footage from the film, Uncharted is currently slated to hit theaters next year on July 16, 2021.

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