Uncharted Movie - New Images Revealed For New Years

The official Twitter page for the Uncharted movie shared several shots, some of them slightly enigmatic, as we celebrated the end of 2020

January 2, 2021

New images from the upcoming Uncharted movie were revealed via the film’s official Twitter page as we entered 2021.

The images feature close-ups of what appear to be maps, a statue and a seemingly significant artifact that is used in the film. While there is a hand in one photo, it is unclear as to whom it belongs to.

Uncharted has had a somewhat troubled production. Originally scheduled for a 2016 release, the film went through numerous delays, re-configurations, a cycle of different directors and actors since it was announced over 10 years ago. Uncharted wrapped up filming on October 29, 2020.

The film stars Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan respectively. In addition to Holland and Wahlberg, the film is also set to feature Sophia Taylor Ali as Chloe Frazier, Tati Gabrielle as Braddock and Antonio Banderas as an unnamed character.

While films based on video games have a rocky track record to say the least, Holland said in an Instagram Live video from September 2020 that the production had been going well and that “The film is like everything I ever dreamed it would be.” Current Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann also gave Holland his blessing during Uncharted’s filming.

The Uncharted movie is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on July 16.


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