Uncharted on PS4 has “Stupidly Impressive Tricks and Tech,” Is “Breathtaking,” – Rumor (UPDATED)

Uncharted on PS4 has “Stupidly Impressive Tricks and Tech,” Is “Breathtaking,” – Rumor (UPDATED)

Industry insiders have been dropping a few hints about what we’re probably going to see at E3 of the new Uncharted on PS4, and today Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed dropped a bit more information from his sources:

Uncharted PS4 visuals will make you say, “Quantum/Order/Division who?” Stupidly impressive tricks and tech.

Uncharted preview is being described as breathtaking. I don’t know about any more Sony megatons- but the word the last word I got is: The 1st Party stuff is seriously impressive. Whenever it’s shown, it will make people take notice.

Interestingly, Rasheed seems to have come out empty handed on information about Microsoft, but that’s not surprising, as the house of Xbox tends to run a tighter ship than Sony concerning leaks and information that filters through to the public when it’s not supposed to:

I tried pressing for more info, nothing there. Also no new info on MS’s megatons. Looks like leaks are sealed. See you guys next Monday.

Oh and before you ask, no I haven’t heard about any SECRET PS4 titles or GG’s game showing up. The only one I knew was Castlevania Souls.

It’s no mystery that Naughty Dog normally delivers on the visuals, and it’s definitely hard not to be excited about seeing what the new Uncharted has to show at E3.

Incidentally, before you go thinking about a new Castlevania, “Castlevania Souls” is how Rasheed calls Project Beast, due to its similarities with the Castlevania series and the rumored status as Demons’ Souls spiritual successor.

One thing is for sure: we’re still two weeks away from E3, and the hype is definitely skyrocketing. Will Sony release the Naughty Dog from the leash and let it steal the show?

Update: anotherprominent insider, Tidux, added more fuel to the Uncharted fire, also confirming that the protagonist of the new game is still Nathan Drake and the setting is “tropical”.

Just seen a new build of Uncharted, I have no words #GreatnessAwaits #PS4

Cool use of The ds4. Kinda like Transistor but not really.