Uncharted Voice Actor Nolan North Doesn't Believe Mark Wahlberg Fits the Role of Sully

Nolan North doesn't believe that the casting of Mark Wahlberg of Sully in the upcoming Uncharted movie is a great fit and I have to say he is not alone.

The ongoing development of the Uncharted movie has been more than a roller coaster. Hell, the roller coaster has to start first before I can even make that analogy. The process has been going on for so long that Mark Wahlberg, who once was thought of to play Nathan Drake, the somewhat young and adventurous explorer, will now play Sully, the older mentor to Nate. With that said, the voice actor of Nathan Drake, Nolan North, doesn’t believe the role suits Wahlberg all too well.

On a recent episode of Retro Replay, a let’s play series featuring Nolan North and Troy Baker, they discussed the Uncharted movie as well as the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series. Nathan Drake’s voice actor stated that he was probably more excited for the HBO adaption of The Last of Us than he was for the Uncharted Movie. Troy Baker still doesn’t even think that the movie will ever release in the first place. He is not alone in that statement.

North stated: “I think the fact that they’re gonna make it [The Last of Us] a series is way better than making a movie out of anything. I think having the guy who did Chernobyl is the frigging elephant in the room that you need to get things done. I’m more excited about that – I gotta be honest – than I am about an Uncharted movie. I love Mark Wahlberg but I don’t see him as Sully. I just don’t see that as Sully.”

Baker added: “I don’t see that thing [Uncharted movie] happening at all.” Additionally, he believes that turning games into an episodic series translates much better than turning them into movies. He also stated that it helps that Neil Druckmann (Vice President of Naughty Dog) and Craig Marzin (director of the upcoming series) are clear on their vision. Baker also believes that condensing a 12-16 hour game into two hour-long movies is much more challenging because “there’s so much onboarding that has to happen.”

I have to say that the North is not alone in his sentiment. Sully just oozes this old man suave attitude that I don’t believe Mark Wahlberg can replicate. Hell, Sully is supposed to be in his 60’s in some of the games so I have no clue how they would make Wahlberg look that old. However, I do believe that Tom Holland is set to play a younger version of Nathan Drake similar to some sections in Uncharted 3 so it could possibly work if Sully is around 40.

Still, it looks like I am not the only one who thinks that the casting is a little bit weird. What do you readers think? One thing I can say is that this movie will feature a lot of A-list actors now that Antonio Banderas has joined the cast as well.

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