Undead Race Unlocked for Divinity: Original Sin 2, Livestream Next Wednesday

Undead Race Unlocked for Divinity: Original Sin 2, Livestream Next Wednesday

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has finally surpassed the $1,200,000 mark and as such the Undead race has now been unlocked for the title.

An Undead comes into being when they resist the calling of the Hall of Echoes, which can be for several reasons.

Some distrust the myths and fear it as a punishing place for their lives ill-lived. Others might be so tormented by regret or grief that they cannot bear to disembark from the mortal plane. Others are ripped from the Hall by necromancers most foul and become Raised Ones.

Possible skill sets for Undead are as follows:

  1. Regenerate while Frozen, can’t heal while Burning.
    Cold preserves the dead, after all.
  2. Immune to Fear. Immune to Bleed.
    There are some advantages to living in the hollow, fleshless margins of the living.
  3. Hand\Foot Grenade
    Cause you’ve got a bone to pick with those goblins…
  4. Bleed Poison
    There’s nothing life is more allergic to than death.|
  5. Source Addiction. (Passive)
    Undead start out with +20% max hp due to ignoring pain and some wounds, but (very) slowly deteriorate to -20% max hp due to decomposition. The bonus can be reset via Source Revivification (Source, Active).
  6. Grave Chill (Active)
    Drastically reduce the surrounding temperature, downgrading each status: Burning -> Warm, None->Chill, etc.
  7. Necromantic Command (Source)
    Take control of target skeleton or zombie for 3 turns (goes into summon slot, replacing existing summons). It is destroyed at the end of the duration.
  8. Soul Devourer (Source)
    Suck the soul right from the living body of a character. Without a soul, the target devolves to animalistic instincts, attacking nearest characters until death. Doesn’t leave a body, doesn’t spawn a Faint.

Additionally the devs will be hosting “The Larian DevLine” stream on Wednesday, September 9 at 12pm PDT (7pm GMT), where they will answer your questions about Kickstarter, the development of the game and more.

The campaign is currently at $1,215,221. If you would like to contribute, go here to do so. You can also check out the latest video update and the livestream video below.