UnderRail’s First Expansion Announced; Coming in 2017

on October 11, 2016 4:06 PM

Stygian Software announced old-school isometric RPG UnderRail’s first expansion, titled Expedition, today.

In Expedition, players leave the metro and travel the Black Sea, an infamous underground body of water. The expansion will also add the following to the game:

  • A brand new story line that becomes available during the mid-game
  • Over a 100 new areas to explore of various types – shores and islands of the Black Sea, mysterious underground facilities, pirate strongholds, and more
  • New human factions, as well as wild creatures to combat
  • New items and crafting recipes
  • New skills and feats
  • Leveling past level 25 with a special pool of feats to choose from

You can look at some screenshots of the expansion below. UnderRail: Expedition is coming in early 2017.

 /  Staff Writer
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