Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Developer CI Games Unveils United Label for Indie Games

CI Games has created the United Label and unveiled the first four games it will be publishing: Röki, Eldest Souls, Tails of Iron, and Horae.

January 21, 2019

Almost one year after downsizing following the less-than-favorable reception to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, developer CI Games has unveiled United Label, a publishing branch focused on indie games. Even though United Label was just announced today, four indie games are already confirmed to be published by CI Games: Röki, Eldest Souls, Tails of Iron, and Horae.

CEO Marek Tyminski says that United Label was formed so CI Games could extend its “existing publishing capabilities to talented developers.Lords of the Fallen 2, which will be developed by Defiant Studios, is the first game CI Games is attempting this with. Now, CI Games has turned its eye to indie developers, with United Label “gathering creative talents, offering a structure to success and
building long-term relationships with developers.”


As for the games in question, Röki is an adventure game by Polygon Treehouse, which is made up of former Guerilla Games Art Directors. It looks very atmospheric and vibrant and Polygon Treehouse says that United Label “enables us to be part of a creative and dedicated team.” To get a better idea of what to expect from the game, you can watch its announcement trailer below. Röki will finally be releasing sometime this year.

Next up is Eldest Souls, a top-down aRPG from new Derby-based developer Fallen Flag Studios. Co-Founder Francesco Barsotti says that “This is our first game but United Label believed in the game and the team from day-one, they are supporting us to reach our ambitions.” You can see the game in action with the video below before it launches later in 2019:

Tails of Iron is a sidescrolling action game from Odd Bug Studios, creators of the 2017 PlayStation VR game The Lost Bear. Tails of Iron looks similar visually to their previous title, but spices things up by being a bit more brutal and focusing on anthropomorphic animals. As for United Label’s role in the game, Team Leader Daniel Robinson says CI Games “allows us to accelerate our development as a studio, and to plan for a large reach at release.” Below, you can see lots of Tails of Iron gameplay in its announcement trailer. It will launch sometime in 2020.

Finally, a 2020 post apocalyptic roguelike turn-based RPG developed by Lunaris Aris called Horae is also being published under the United Label. Apparently, Lunaris Aris Co-Founder Victor le Fay likes that CI Games’ United Label is open to”bringing a new approach to existing genres,” which lines up with the indie developer’s vision. The trailer you can view below is purely cinematic but features very impressive animation for a small indie team. Horae also won’t be releasing until 2020.

Despite some recent troubles that resulting in layoff, CI Games seems to be refocusing itself as a publisher with United Label. Over the next couple years we will be see the fruits of these new label as Röki and Eldest Souls launch in 2019 while Tails of Iron and Horae are both poised to release in 2020. You can check out another video that introduces United Label below.

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