Unknightly’s Newest Trailer Features Gameplay Updates

Unknightly’s Newest Trailer Features Gameplay Updates

The newest gameplay trailer for the Stealth VR game Unknightly features updates to the game like being able to snuff out candles and use a bow and arrow.

Portal Studios has shared a new gameplay trailer for Unknightly that introduces some of the features included in its most recent update. The medieval stealth VR game is currently in its public beta phase.

Unknightly finds players seeking to find out who has betrayed them and get revenge after they are double-crossed and thrown out of the Knight’s Order. The stealth game has been built from the ground up for VR, and as with other stealth games like Dishonored, there are multiple ways to solve every challenge in order to get around without being noticed.

In the trailer, that you can watch below, one of the new features included is the ability to use a bow and arrow. Inspired by the old Thief games, players can use three different arrow types including lethal arrows, noise arrows to distract guards, and water arrows that will change lighting conditions. In addition to the water arrows, players will also be able to snuff out candles and dim braziers for a short amount of time, and loot is now starting to make its way into the game for players to find in every level.

The update also allows players to manually save and load the game at any time from their Journal, and hands will be hidden so that they do not obscure the text when interacting with it. The game’s overall performance has been optimized, and tutorial way point markers have been added to help out new players.

Unknightly is currently available in Early Access on Steam and on Oculus. You can play it with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.