1C Company Launches Unknown Fate with Trailer

1C Company Launches Unknown Fate with Trailer

Now available for PC with VR ready support, Unknown Fate follows Richard after he passes from the real world into a strange universe.

Story-driven game Unknown Fate was launched this week and publisher 1C Company shared a trailer to celebrate its release. In addition to being ready for PC, the game will have optional VR support.

Developed by Marslit Games, Unknown Fate is a first-person adventure game that follows Richard who has suddenly passed from the real world into a surreal universe and loses his memory of his real life. Feeling the urge to learn more about this strange world and its inhabitants, Richard must also figure out a way back to his true reality even if he can remember it.


While exploring the strange world as Richard, players will have to solve different puzzles and manipulate objects to find clues that will help him figure out what exactly is going on. The game is also VR ready for HTC Vive.

You can check out the launch trailer below. Unknown Fate is currently available for PC. If you head on over to Steam to grab it before September 13th, you’ll get a 15% discount.